Rising Sun Productions, Llc Live Sound Stage Manager

Music has always been a big part of my life. Guitar lessons at 6 years old, school band while growing up, then one day just deciding to play bass and become a music minor at Central Washington University.  I performed with “Door2” a cover band in Ellensburg WA; “Fingerpaint”, and “Ether” both Seattle original bands.

In high school, I was on the sound and light crew working not only school projects, but local playhouse and musician projects.  We also provided sound for the WA State Supreme Court during court house renovations.  I also managed sound and recording for the church I attended.

During the 90s, I performed roadie and tech work for Seattle band “Deep Cycle”.  During the early 2000s I worked with “Furniture Girls”, “Sightseer”, and “Alabaster”.  This led to a stage crew position with Moore Theater in Seattle Washington.  In 2012, Critical Sun Recordings brought me on as stage manager for their SxSW venture.  The tour included 10 acts who performed 37 sets in 5 days.  This was the catalyst for Rising Sun Productions.

Since launching Rising Sun Productions in 2012, we have experienced constant growth.  From humble beginnings as a tech roadie and stage management, we have flourished into a full live sound company, providing both analog or digital sound production.  We have produced sound for festivals such as the N.W. Tequila Fest, the Salmon Fest, The Berry Fest (a Woodstock Tribute). 

Rising Sun Productions has a working relationship with: Furniture Girls, Sightseer, The Stacy Jones Band, Rob Marcus, Critical Sun Recordings, Critical Sun Radio, Cali Giraffes, Little Hearts, Contactcreate Studios, and